This Man Named Jesus 



In this old world, friends come and go.
They'll bring you smiles, they'll bring you woe.
But there's one man who'll be your friend,
He'll never leave you, His love never ends.

This man is Lord, He's Saviour too.
His name is Jesus, He'll see you through.
If you feel let down, Unloved and scorned,
Give Him your heart, You'll be reborn.

When you've been lied to and knocked around.
Hold to His hand, He won't let you down.
If you're left alone and you're feeling blue,
Just talk to Jesus, He'll know what to do.

No sad farewells, no tears to cry.
He'll always be there, right by your side.
This man named Jesus will always care,
This man named Jesus will hear your prayer.

   Carrie Kinyon 1970