Let Me Tell You About My Saviour 



Let me tell you about my Saviour.
He means so much to me,
He's King of Kings and Lord of Lords
And he can set you free.

If you've never met this Saviour
I'll introduce you to Him,
Just say the word and on our Knees
We'll ask forgiveness for your sin.

He's one who loves you with all His heart
He gave His life that you might live,
There couldn't be a greater gift
That anyone could give.

I know you'll love Him as I do
If you'll open your heart to Him,
He'll take all the darkness from you 
And let His Light shine in.

Then together we can raise our hands
In praises to His name,
And I promise you that after this
Your life won't be the same.

Carrie Kinyon    4/8/2008