These Hands

These Hands

When we come to the end of the journey,
And before Jesus we stand.
What might the Savior say to us,
When He reaches out His hand.

Will He say, Child welcome home,
You've finally made it through.
You have a mansion and a crown,
And I'll spend eternity with you.

Or will He say, These were the hands,
They nailed to Calvary's tree.
These were the hands, nailed there to provide,
Salvation, full and free.

These are the hands that carried the cross
Up Calvary's hill that day,
Done out of love, with you in mind,
For you I made a way.

These hands reached out to you,
On that long ago Sunday night.
I would of taken you in my arms,
And held you, Oh so tight.

But you said no, and walked away,
With tears in my eyes, I let you go.
Now you stand pleading to come in,
Now it's I, that must say no.

You refused to take me as your Lord,
Though I pleaded time and time again.
You've heard it preached so many times,
That I'm the ONLY way in.

You turned away once too often,
I had to let you go,
You had every chance that I could give,
So now I'm saying no. 


Carrie Kinyon