This Blood's For You!


We've talked about This Man Jesus and what we will do with Him,
Now let's talk about His precious blood that cleanses us from sin.
You may be standing on the brink of Hell's tormenting flame
Please know to win you over is Satan's greatest aim.

But he can't cross the blood line so he's trying to deceive,
Don't ever take for granted A crown of life you will receive.
Sinner friend, This Blood's For You, Jesus gave it willingly,
If you'll just bow beneath the flow this blood will set you free.

He gave His life that we might live and every drop of blood that fell
Cries out to a lost and dying world YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO TO HELL!
Yes sinner friend This Blood's For You it was shed for every one,
This precious, Soul Saving Blood From Father God's own Son. 

  Carrie Kinyon  6/272004