What Will I Do With 
This Man Jesus? 



What will I do with this man Jesus
Who gave His life for me
When I think of all the pain he bore
I want to just fall to my knees.

And beg His forgiveness for wrongs I've done
Acknowledge Him as God's own Son
I'll tell the world that I love Him so
Praise His name where ever I go.

I'll stand in awe of this precious one
And thank Him every day
For all the time's He's picked me up
For taking me back every time I stray.

I'll keep my body as fit as I can
While walking on earthly sod
Realizing it's the temple of
The  Holy Ghost of God.

One day when life here is over
And He's finished with me on this earth
I'll rise to the skies and shout as I go
To thank Him for my new birth.

When the time comes that we meet face to face
I hope I've a crown to give
I'll kneel at his feet, kiss the nail scars there
And with Him, eternally live.

Carrie Kinyon  6/20/04