When I Was In Trouble. 


When I was in trouble, I cried out in my need.
I promised God, His Word I would heed.
But things got better, I was feeling just fine.
I forgot about God, and that promise of mine.

I'd had miscarriages, one after another.
My greatest desire was to be a mother.
In grief and despair I offered God a deal.
Let me have this baby, and I'll serve you, I will!

My son grew, and was healthy and strong
I was happy being mom, and thought nothing was wrong.
Then one day my child, felt pain in his head
In a matter of hours, He was dead.

In anguish with tears streaming, I cried out to God,
You gave me a child, now he lays 'neath the sod.
What kind of God, would do such a thing,
Then my own voice, in my ears did ring.

I could hear myself promising, that I'd serve Him
That promise was empty, so the deal had to end.
If I live to be a hundred, I won't forget the day
God called in my promise, and there was nothing I could say.

So when you're in trouble, think before you speak
He's an awesome God and your word, He expects you to keep.
He's the best friend, you've ever found.
Please, don't break your promises and let Him down.

Carrie Kinyon  4/10/2005


This poem is written in the first person only because it came together that way, it is not about me, or any one in particular, it's just something God gave me and I believe it is for someone, whoever you are, let it speak to your heart.  God loves you and will forgive if you'll just make things right with Him.