Search The Book Again




At the great white throne judgment when you stand before the King.
When the book of life is opened and your name cannot be seen.

You'll look Jesus in the eye as tears begin to fall.
And beg Him, Search the pages, search the names, please check them all.

Lord you know I asked forgiveness of my sins so long ago.
My mom and dad they loved you and I was baptized too you know.

My name must be written there It must be in your book
Search the pages one more time, please Lord, take another look.

I know the word said just a few there'd be to enter in.
And maybe the path I traveled on was wide, and filled with sin.

And though I traveled on that path I never did join in
I just stood along the side lines as others committed sin.

Won't you search just one more time before you turn me away.
I told my Pastor I needed more, but he said I was okay.

If you don't heed that still small voice but listen to a man.
One day you'll stand before the King and He won't take your hand.

Oh sinner hear me when I say, search your heart and take a stand.
So you won't have to tell the Lord, please search the book again.

Carrie Kinyon 8/29/ 2004