Almost Heaven West Virginia




Almost Heaven,  West Virginia

Driving down the highway the sun shinning bright.
The mountains in my view, oh what a sight!
Some say it's Almost Heaven and I think it must be true.
It takes my breath away just looking at the view.

My West Virginia home, you seem so far away.
I miss every thing about you every single day.
These little back home visits, for now will have to do
But I'll be back one day to stay, this I promise you.

Back in West Virginia where I was born and bred
Work got scarce so we packed up and fled.
Thank God we found a place to go where a living we could make
But the day we find we can return, that back home flight we'll take.

I'll stay in "Almost Heaven" Until the "Real Thing" I can see.
When Jesus takes me home, to spend eternity.
I'll praise Him throughout the ages and thank Him for giving me
An almost heaven home while waiting, the real heaven to see.

Carrie Kinyon 7/21/ 2004