But For The Grace Of God
(there go I)


Be careful of your words, they can cut like a knife
When you don't know her, You know nothing of her strife.

Words  can wound a spirit, they can bring you down low
Make you wonder why you're here, but there's no place else to go.

"She must of asked for it" has been said so many times
And they never even knew all the fear within her mind.

Words can cut so deeply, down to the very core
They can make a person wonder, if there's reason to live any more.

If you've never been abused, never walked the path she has
Don't assume because she stays, she's asking to be sad.

A man can break a woman's spirit, instill such awesome fear
He can rob her of her self esteem, anything to keep her near.

Oh please don't say she asked for it, she's been battered enough
Without hearing that phrase that makes her feel like throwing up.

Somewhere deep inside she thinks, there must be a better way.
She knows somehow that only God can take the hurt away.

So if you see a woman with bruises on her face
And if she says her husband did it, Please don't add to her disgrace.

She needs a friendly smile, and a cheery hello
She doesn't need somebody else to bring her spirits low.

Next time instead of saying a remark that makes her cry
Just whisper a prayer of thanks and say, but for the grace of God
There Go I.

Carrie Kinyon  2005