My Church Family



My Church Family

It was so good to see you in church this morning
To see your smiling face.
As we all came to worship our Lord
And in our pews we took our place.

The singing started, the Spirit fell
As we sang praises to His name.
After prayers and fellowship with everyone
When we leave, we're not the same.

It's there with our church family
We find comfort, peace and love.
The blessings will begin to fall
As our praises reach God above.

His unconditional love and amazing grace
Will always see us through.
He'll walk with us and hold us up
Because of His love, for me and for you.

To try to make it on our own
With no church family on which to lean.
Seems somehow a little foolish
If you know what I mean.

Yes, we can pray in private
And that we should surely do.
But when we come together in His house
It's just so special, for me and for you.


Carrie Kinyon

Song: Touch Your People Once Again
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