Focus On Jesus

When the doctor comes into the room
And the word 'cancer' is spoken
Sometime we tend to focus on gloom
And forget how Jesus' body was broken.

Each time that whip, tore the flesh from his back
A dreaded  disease was defeated 
So if we focus on Jesus and our faith does not lack
The fear can just be deleted.

He's in control, and each day that we live.
He'll give us the strength that we need
And if to Him our whole hearts we give
To all our problems, He'll heed.

Satan tries to creep in and destroy our mind
He thinks he has power over us
But God has defeated him for all time
So leave us alone, he must.

Now focus on Jesus, how awesome is He
He'll see us through all of our fear
Alone without him, we'll never be.
When we need Him, He's always near.

Carrie Kinyon 10/28/08

Written for a wonderful friend
I hope this blesses and encourages you.
I love you.




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