God Owns The Land

God Owns The Land

God owns the land, on both sides of the river.
I'll live for Him here, then on the other side forever.

Jesus gave His life, that I could be free.
He hung on that cross, for you, and for me.

In the winter of my life, I think about the other side.
I live for Him here, but there I will forever abide.

I know He's there waiting, so I won't be afraid.
When the death Angel comes, and In the ground I am laid.

I won't stay there, but will rise to the sky.
Where forever I'll live, and I'll never again cry.

My Lord will be there to dry every tear.
And throughout all eternity, to Him I'll be near.

He owns the land here on which I trod.
And He owns the land there, where we'll dwell with God.

So life here I will live, until He calls out to me.
And says, "Come on home child, and live here with Me."


Carrie Kinyon 12/28/2008

Song: Take My Hand
Vocal: Carrie