God's Handiwork

Every day I can see God's handiwork
As I look at the beautiful sky.
In the clouds I see everything, from kittens to dogs
To wonderful big butterflies.

And I think, 'how awesome, the hand of God'
As He sculptures the Heavens so fair.
And the thought will enter into my mind
If I keep looking, Will I see Jesus there?

When the clouds surround an area of blue
Streaming down are sun rays of glistening light.
I can picture Jesus standing on a cloud
Saying, "Come! it's time for your Heavenly Flight.

Oh how I long to see His dear face
And to kneel at His nailed scarred feet.
When that day comes and He calls me home
My Lord, face to face, I shall meet.

Carrie Kinyon 8/24/09