Jesus Is Enough


Jesus Is Enough  

To make me happy, I don't need things,
I don't need fancy clothes or diamond rings.

I only need the love of my precious Lord
And to do my best, with the mercy He does afford.

I've been blessed, not to have lots of stuff
So when the sun goes down, Jesus is enough.

To feel His presence and know His love
To be assured of my home with him  up above.

How could I ask for more, or even care
If I live poor here, I've a mansion over there.

Friends come into my life, then they go away
A purpose is served, but only Jesus will stay.

He's given me a heart full of love for those in need
Eyes to see, and a willingness to heed.

Lord don't ever let me change from the way you made me
May the love always flow, from the "Powers That Be."

Yes, when the sun goes down on a day that's been unkind
Jesus is enough, He gives me sweet peace of mind.

Carrie Kinyon 2/8/09


Song: I'll Take Jesus
Written and copyrighted by: Calo
Vocal: Calo 


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