Suffer For Him

It's not always easy, when slapped in the face
To just sit down, and take our place.

But the bible says, turn the other cheek
To be humble, mild and meek.


When we are treated unjustly, when we've done no wrong
We have to remember, God is still on His throne.

He will fight our battles, and make all the wrongs right
When we as His children, refuse to fight.


The grace of God, has been given to us
To make us strong enough to leave the battles to Jesus

We serve Him sometimes, with suffering and with pain
So Jesus can be seen in us and His death not be in vain.

To not fight to prove a point, is not weakness at all
But to cause a sinner to hear His call.


Our Lord didn't ask us, to do what He didn't do in that place
They beat and cursed Him and spit in His face

He is our example of how we should act
We can suffer for Him, for he will always have our back.

Carrie Kinyon 12/10/2008


Song: God Will Make This Trial A Blessing
Vocal: Carrie

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