The Mind Of A Child Is A Fragile Thing


The mind of a child is a fragile thing
Sometimes it makes them want to laugh and sing.

But there are times  they can't understand
Why they've lost their way and alone, cannot stand.

How terrifying it must be in that little mind
When her mommy, she cannot find.

When mommy is gone and she is alone
There are thoughts in her mind that she won't come home.

I can only imagine the dread and fear
Of never having her mommy again near.

She may not realize or understand
That both she and mommy are in God's hand.

That He'll never leave them to be alone
And that when mommy leaves, she will always come home.

Yes the mind of a child is a fragile thing
And only God knows the fear it can bring.

To a little child, His own special one
She's in the palm of the hand, of God's own Son.

So Jesus please hold that little girl so tight
Make her know that every thing is alright.

Give comfort to those that worry and fret
May they always remember and never forget

God is in control, He's still on His throne
Making preparations to take us all home.

Carrie Kinyon 9/7/08