A matter Of Time

We live in a world filled with darkness
So much anger, bitterness and fear.
But it's only a matter of time
Until we hear Jesus say "Come on up here."

When this world has gotten so wicked
A generation of cruel disbelief.
God in His mercy will call us
To go home where there's sweet relief.

Relief from war and fighting
Relief from murderous crimes.
In that land with cool crystal waters
Where God's light will eternally shine.

There'll be no need for sunshine
For God's light is much brighter by far.
We won't need the moon and stars to shine
There won't be any night where we are.

Oh how I long for that city
Where Jesus will reign supreme.
When we can look at His face, even touch Him!
It's far more than I could even dream.

It's all because Jesus said yes to His Father
When He needed the ultimate sacrifice.
To save mankind from sin and darkness
And provide for us eternal love, and life.

© Carrie Kinyon  7/19/2010

    Song: Come Morning
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