Be A Blessing (Every Day)

You want to serve the Savior
I hear you saying that you do.
So there's just a few things
That I need to say to you.

If you ask Him to forgive you
And you mean it from your heart.
He will cleanse and make you whole
And will never from you part.

But there's some things you need to do
While walking on the narrow way.
Try your best to be a blessing
To someone every day.

For when you help someone in need
When you lend a helping hand.
You touch the very heart of God
This, He'll make you understand.

Read your Bible faithfully
Go to Him each day in prayer.
And never forget, when you're in need
He ALWAYS will be there!

© Carrie Kinyon  6/19/2010


Song: Windows Of My Soul
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