Follow The Light

Lord I thank you for this day you've given
For the sun that shines so bright.
And I thank you for the peace of mind
When I lay down at night.

Knowing that my every sin
Has been forgiven and washed away.
As far as the East is from the West
I can rest assured that everything's okay.

Even when things are looking bad
And nothing seems to turn out right.
I know that you are guiding me
Through every day and every night.

So I can blindly trust you
To know what's best for me.
I know you'll never lead me wrong
When it's your light that I see.

I'll follow that light both night and day
As I journey down this road.
I'll keep on loving you with all my heart.
Then I'll reach my Heavenly abode.

© Carrie Kinyon  6/19/2010



Song: Guiding Light
Written, copyrighted and recorded by: Joyce Close
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