Spring Is Here!


Spring Is Here

The sun is shinning, the day is bright
Birds of all kinds are once again in flight.
I see life blooming every where
After a long cold winter, Spring is here!

I thought it was lost and might never arrive
In cold weather I can hardly thrive.
I get depressed when the weather is dreary
Oh how I've longed for weather that's cheery.

Then I awoke one morning not long ago
Took a drive to town, and Spring, itself did show.
There were blooming trees and flowers all around
My spirit just soared and happiness did abound.

I couldn't help but raise my hands to the sky
To my Heavenly Father and praises I did cry
Thank you Lord for this beautiful day
For showing your love in this wonderful way.

Carrie Kinyon    3/2010



Song: In The Garden
Vocal: Jim Reeves

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