Sunshine And Rain

After a long time of rain and fog
The sun came out today.
It's enough to make the children
Want to go outside and play.

But me? I'm not a child
So I'll go to the park and walk,
And if I'm lucky I will see
Someone there that wants to talk.

It's been so dark and dreary
I just feel like bustin' out
After all, the sun and rain
That's what Spring is all about.

The rain makes me depressed
But the sun gives me a lift.
I think of the sunshine
As one of God's most precious gifts.

Carrie Kinyon 3/2010

Song: It Wasn't Raining
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I cannot find a link for Kathy's Kreations, if anyone knows it and will send it to me,
I will give proper credit.  Thanks, Calo