The Poor Widow

Sometimes I think the poor widow
Could put us all to shame.
For she gave into the treasury
Two mites, all she had when she came.

Rich men were casting their gifts
Of coins that would make a big clang.
So everyone would hear and know
They gave BIG when THEY came.

But Jesus being full of love and compassion
Looked at the poor widow that day.
This widow had cast in more than all
Oh if only they'd listen to what He would say.

Let's think about this further
Are we casting in all that we should?
Or do we give out of our abundance
Like the rich men of that day would.

Trust me, I know from experience
If you need, give to someone and don't fret.
Then Jesus will meet all your needs too
For your good deeds He'll never forget.

© Carrie Kinyon  5/29/2010

Song: He Opened Up The Windows Of Heaven
Written, copyrighted and recorded by: Carrie Kinyon
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