Upward Drawing




Upward Drawing

I felt an upward drawing
As I looked up to the sky.
It thrilled my heart to know "He's Coming!"
In the not too distant by and by.

My love for Him was so intense
My heart was filled with joy.
I couldn't help but look to the sky
I heard myself shouting... "Well Glory!"

I thought for a moment that this was it
He would appear on a cloud so high.
It was enough to make my spirit soar
I wanted to take wings and fly.

Up and up till I could see His face
And thank Him for joy without end.
No greater love has any man
But to give his life for His friend.

That's the Jesus I know and love
He gave his life for me.
One day the rapture will take place
And then His face I'll see.

Carrie Kinyon 3/8/2012