Missing Lon



Missing Lon

My heart is so sad as I go to the church
To say a final earthly good bye 
To a wonderful friend
Whose been so precious to both Larry and I.

Such beauty from within, and so beautiful to see
A woman with a heart as big as the sky
There's a vacant place in our hearts that will always be
I'll say so long for a little while but never will I say good bye.

There was not enough time,  God took you so young
Now in that heavenly choir you sing
One day I'll join you and together
We'll raise our voices to our King.

So Lon, wait for us, At the gates of pearl.
One day you'll see us walk through.
I want to walk around heaven and see all the sights
With Jesus, and with you.

So it's just so long, from this earthly realm
But good bye from the suffering and pain.
We'll meet again in that heavenly home
Where we'll never have to part again.

Carrie Kinyon 3/2009
Written in memory of Yolanda Hampton
A wonderful friend, I miss you Lon.

Song: I Can See Heaven
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