20 to 12



20 to 12, and I don't mean noon,
My body looked like a hot air balloon.
How did it happen, I really don't know
But when I needed clothes, to the plus section I'd go.

I wore stretch jeans, till the stretch was all gone,
I'd look in the mirror and feel sad and alone.
When the pity party ended, reality came to light
I knew I was in for long struggle and fight.

The battle of the bulge, I'd fight and I'd win.
I'd buy a size 12, and I'd fit right in.
The day finally came, I went to the store
I didn't even know my size any more.

Size 12 was my goal and I could just see
Me, the same size that I used to be.
My heart started pounding as I tried on those jeans
They slid right up, over a body fit and lean!

From 20 to 12, It feels really great
It took a long time but was well worth the wait.
I knew I could do it, I fought hard to win.
God in your mercy, help me to NEVER gain weight again!

by Carrie Kinyon  9/15/03 


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