A Wasted Life


A Wasted Life
Homeless and alone with no one to care
You've lived your life in vain.
Your time was spent denying your sin
And causing so many people pain.

From lying to stealing, to abusing kids
You turned on everyone who gave you love.
Everyone finally gave up on you
Except for God above.

So sad it is to waste a life
And come down to the end.
There's no one there to hold your hand
Not even one good friend.

I can only hope you've had the chance
To make things right with God.
Before you breathe you dying breath
And lay beneath the sod.

  Carrie Kinyon  Dec. 2003  



Sadly, the one this poem is about will never see it. 
He lays on a hospital bed dying after spending most
 of his adult life in prison for child molestation. 
May God have mercy on his soul.

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