C is for Caring and holding the hands
Of an elderly woman who lived far away
Across rivers and mountains, good roads and bad,
But who needed my presence added to her day.

A is for Action. James says it the best
"Don't just sit and listen, get on with the task."
Tomorrow will come and with it a new message.
If you failed in this one, you've missed a real blessing.

R is Reality. The assignment is hard;
The nights without sleep while you bathe the dear face,
The longing for home, with husband and friends,
"Dear Father, do You really want me in this place?"

R is for Right Place, Right Day, Right Time.
"Dear Child, you're the friend who can help smooth the way.
Who else could I send to wait for the crossing?
Be patient. My strength is your strength each day."

I is for instantly doing God's Will.
And how do I know that God's calling me?
I pray and I study and listen to hear
His urging me on saying, "Do not fear."

E is for Eternity. When we stand before God,
Saved by Grace, belief in Jesus, not of works,
It is then we present our gifts of following
In the footsteps of Jesus, the gifts of serving others for our Lord.

Written in Love for my friend,
Carrie Kinyon. 8-17-05

Verna Williams

I met Verna online then discovered she lived where it was easy to visit on our trips to Iowa, we spent time visiting with her and Jessie on several of our trips, got to know and love them dearly.  Both of them have gone home now to be with the Lord but we'll never forget them and the friendship we shared.