Dusty, Windy Iowa

Those dusty Iowa county roads
Kick up such a dust.
You think you're driving through a cloud
Washing your car is an absolute must.

The Iowa winds are so strong
They can blow you away.
But the sunsets are awesome
At the end of an Iowa day.

The wind farms are a sight to see
Windmills so powerful and tall.
For miles you can see those big blades turning
Supplying electricity to one and all.

There's cattle, corn and soybeans
I see them every where.
It's a place that's nice to visit
But I'd never want to live there.

For I hear tales of deadly storms
That drop down from a cloud.
They twist their way through fields and towns
With fury strong and loud.

My visits to Iowa, I look forward to each year
To visit Dad and the great Mid West
But coming home to North Carolina
Now that's the very best!

Carrie Kinyon  9/20/09


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