First Kiss

Just a young girl, In my early teens
Never been kissed, not knowing what love means, 
I went to a party, the birthday of a friend
My curiosity about kissing would soon come to an end.

As they were spinning the bottle I sat in a corner so shy
Wouldn't join in,  just watched from the corner of my eye.
Another game was starting I refused to join in
They were giving out numbers , but I held out to the end.

He was in the room with lights turned down low
They called out a number  and said I should go.
"I didn't take a number" I said quite firm
'He gave you this one' Oh! what I was about to learn.

My pulse was pounding so hard in my head
It took some nudging, as to the room I was led.
 In the shadows he was waiting  to give me my first kiss
I've never forgotten, it was sheer bliss.

Around my shoulder, his arm he placed
I could feel his hand, touching my face.
I heard him whisper, "this is what you've been missing"
Wow! I could get used to this "kissing".


By Carrie Kinyon 2001