From a Q to a B



The pounds just seem to pile up,
When you don't careful, be.
You look into the mirror
And fat is all you see.


Then one day you get so mad,
You decide that you'll fight back.
And win the battle of the bulge,
Get yourself back on track.


You work out hard at aerobics,
A glider you start using,
You lift those weights until,
Your aching body say "Stop Abusing"!


The pay comes, when one glad day,
You've misplaced those panty hose, size Q
Desperation makes you try the B 
That for so long hasn't fit you.


Low and behold, they slide right on,
Don't even break a sweat!
You know you're on your way again,
To energy and good health yet, You bet!


  Carrie Kinyon 2003  





This may be a little humorous but seriously, I have to thank God for the weight I've lost, I prayed that He would give me an appetite for good healthy food and take away the appetite I had for junk food. He gave me some Godly wisdom and put people in my path that could teach me how to eat properly and always being one that loved to exercise, I went to work to lose the fat.  It has been hard work and determination and I have a ways to go yet but when I got into those size B panty hose, I shouted to High heaven.....  Thank you God!