God Made Me, 
Curves Maintains Me!


God Made Me!

Curves Maintains Me!


Curves is more than an exercise routine
It's a way of life, makes you fit and lean.

I remember the first day I opened the door
To see what it was like, I wanted more.

I found there the people were friendly as could be
Their concern made me feel it's the place for me.

I went in overweight and my health was a mess
So I decided I'd put this Curves to the test.

I'd do what they asked and I'd try my best
And see if in time I could weigh a bit less.

My first measure and weigh in was scary to me
I'd let myself go till no hope I could see.

Such encouragement and help they always give
Maybe there is hope for a healthy life to live.

Before long I noticed I was feeling stronger
Some of the pain I'd had, I had no longer.

My knees soon stopped hurting, my blood pressure improved
My body fat was melting away as I moved.

So move I did, and worked as hard as was safe
Those machines did the job, put me in my place.

In five short months I'd lost 20 pounds
I felt better each time I made the rounds.

One machine after another just worked off the weight
And I'll keep going for it makes me feel great. 

God made me and to Him I am thankful
Curves Maintains what He gave and I'm grateful.

Carrie Kinyon  Oct. 27, 2008





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