Growing Old Is Hard

This old gal is not what she was in days gone by.
After a while of trying to move, In my lazy boy I have to lie.

When I was younger I could hold down a job and still cook and clean
Then go to the Y and  work out hard to keep myself healthy and lean.


But now I try to clean the house and am laid up for a week
Totally exhausted, with pain in my back, for relief in Ben Gay I seek.

This getting old is so very hard, you still feel young in your mind
 But just try to do things you used to and here are some things you'll find.

That your energy is low and your weight is high and gravity is working over time
Blood pressure is high, your feet are swollen and you think, is this body really mine?

You have to watch what you eat as never before, cholesterol to control
All the years of hamburger and fries have finally taken it's toll.

After years of smoking you can hardly breathe, you spend more at the drugstore than Food Lion
If I knew way back then what I know now, growing old, the pleasure would be mine.






Carrie Kinyon 3/27/2008

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