I Dream



I Dream

I dream of going far away
Beyond the ocean blue.
Where  I know you fight for me
As here, I wait for you.

You didn't ask to be called away
To a country cross the sea 
Where you would defend our country
Fighting so we could be free.

But you knew it was for those you love
And it seems to you, no chore
To go and fight our country's battle
Till we need to fight no more.

How I'd love to visit you in that place
I know you'd keep me safe
Within your arms I'd rest a while
In your most sweet embrace.

But this is only in my dreams
I know it cannot be.
So I'll wait right here and pray for you
Until you can be here with me.

Carrie Kinyon 11/8/08

Top picture D. C. French 2008


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