The Child Within

What happened to that girl that used to be
One that laughed and danced and lived in me.
Something happened, she grew tired and old
She lost all in her, that was beautiful and bold.

She was so hurt, discouraged, and sad
She lost her joy and her attitude got bad.
But there's still hope, you see God's still on the throne
And He shows her every day that she isn't alone.

I know she's there, that girl with in her heart
She loves life and really wants to take her part.
A wonderful memory or a thought crosses her mind
She sees a ray, of God's beautiful sunshine.

Her day is coming, she will rise with joy and love
With praises to her Lord and Savior up above
Can't hold a good woman down, when the child comes back
And when there's giggles and songs and nothing good to lack.

We all need that child within, for that child like faith 
If we have that, it's never too late.
To bounce back from any situation
To love and laugh and use our imagination.

Carrie Kinyon 1/15/2009

Song: Just Keep Looking Upward
Written, copyrighted and recorded by: Carrie Kinyon

Please do not use without permission.