When Angels Cry



The angels cry when lovers part
It must really break their heart
Their tears come down to wet the ground
And flowers start blooming all around.

There is sorrow in that Heavenly band
Their tears come down to flood the land
The rain will pour, no one knows why
It's all because the angels cry.

Each time a little baby dies
You can almost hear the angel's sighs
Slowly then their tears will fall
Until they're crying, one and all.

The angels cry for many reasons
The rain and snow, they make the seasons
A young girl runs away from home
Their tears will fall where she may roam.

A mother sits alone at night
And wonders if her child's all right
And all the while the rain is falling
The angels I know to God are calling.

To give us peace with-in our hearts
And once again their tears will start
Someone, somewhere must be in pain
And that's the reason for the rain.

 Carrie Kinyon 1975