My Little Girl

She came into my life one day
A little girl four years of age
A shy little thing so pretty to see
I fell in love with her, and she with me.

A lovelier daughter, I couldn't ask for
I never knew what life held in store.
A dream I'd waited for all my life
My world was complete when she came that night.

We did things together, shared laughter and tears
Our love grew deeper with the years.
Then she grew up and started to roam
I looked around and she was gone.

Each time she left my world crumbled down
But sooner or later, she'd be found.
I knew by then she wasn't a child
I'd lose her forever in a little while.

Now that time's here and I feel so alone
My little girl isn't coming home.
My prayers go with her wherever she roams
She has a right to a life of her own.

Copyright By: Carrie Kinyon 1970

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