My Sweet Penny

 (1-7-1960 - 11-21-2022)


 Heavenly Father
My heart aches tonight
As I think of my sweet Penny
And long to hold her tight

Knowing she's in your arms
Gives me a sense of rest
Of all the places she could be
In your heaven is the very best.

Father, tell her that she's so loved
And by so many she is missed
And of all the things I long for
She's at the very top of my list

So hug her tight Lord Jesus
And tell her it's from me
Tell her, one day I'll be there
With  you  we'll spend eternity.

You took her home so suddenly
I couldn't even say goodbye
I'll think of my sweet Penny every day
And a million tears I'll cry.

Written by: Carrie Kinyon 12/12/2022

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