We Fell In Love Online

A friend of mine was teaching me to use the computer. I was having trouble controlling the mouse, so she said maybe it would be good practice for me if I'd go to Classified 2000 and just read some ads, and anyway she said, "It will be fun to just see some of the crazy things people write." So I did that and as I was reading through some of them, laughing at a lot of them, one caught my eye. I thought, "do I dare write?" He seemed so sincere and honest and just really wanting someone to talk to. I had been needing that too, for so long. So I did it, I wrote a letter and was surprised that he answered back right away. His name was Larry Kinyon. He lived in Lincoln NE. and I lived in War, WV. Worlds apart. I knew it was far enough away that I wouldn't become too involved and I wasn't worried about him being some kind of internet pervert, From his letter he just seemed so nice.

A year and a half passed, as we wrote letters every week or so. I started feeling comfortable enough with him to be very honest about myself. I told him how my husband had died of cancer and how I was having such a hard time making it on my own, he started confiding in me too, we were becoming best friends, it seemed that when I needed someone to talk to, he was always there, just a click away. And I tried to be there for him too. He sent me a picture and I sent him video tapes of myself, singing country gospel songs, which is what I love to do most of all. He loved my singing, that thrilled me.

He told me in one of his letters that he had started dating someone, we were good enough friends by then that he wanted to share that bit of news with me. He had no idea of what that would awaken in me. Until then, I had thought of him as a very good friend, someone to talk to. Then I realized that he might not always be there for me, it was breaking my heart. I tried not to let on, but when he told me it hadn't worked out, I was so relieved. I started hinting a little bit of how I was beginning to feel about him. He must of understood what I was trying to say, because we found ourselves making plans to meet. Still not knowing if our friendship kind of love would develop into a romantic love. I was hoping that it would.

He drove the 1,030 miles or so, from Lincoln to Welch WV where I met him in Wendy's. I'll never forget our first meeting. I was there first, the half hour wait was so tense. Will I like how he looks, even more importantly, will he like how I look? Will our personalities clash? Will we be comfortable with each other? So many things going through my mind, the half hour seemed like forever. I saw him through the window, he was so handsome, my heart started beating so fast, I wondered, is his heart beating as fast as mine? I tried not to look, I didn't want to appear to be too anxious. As he approached my table and our eyes met, it was magic! We couldn't stop looking into each others eyes. I've never seen such love in anyone's eyes. And it was all for me! How blessed can one woman be? I knew from the first glance that this was the man I loved and wanted to marry. My mind was full of thoughts of what the future might hold for us as we drove to War, to my apartment.

Evidently he felt the same way. We met on Tue. Dec. 28,1999 and in the afternoon of Fri. Dec.31, he sat on the couch in my living room with his laptop computer and sent me an E-Card, When I checked my mail a few minutes after midnight, the first few minutes of "New Years Day 2000" I received it. The first thing I saw was "Will You Marry Me?" I cried a little and said "yes." After he went back to his hotel room, I sent him an answer via E-Card. How else could we do it? We met on the internet, we got to know each other on the internet, it's all been so romantic. On Mon. the 3rd. of Jan. 2000, we got the license and called my Pastor, she met us at the church and we were married.

He had to leave the next day to go back to Lincoln and close up his apartment and wrap up some loose ends, but he's coming home Tue. Just 3 weeks from the day he left. We have spent time on ICQ every day, and written E-Mails several times a day, Our love for each other is so deep and so exciting, we are both constantly amazed at how much we had come to love each other and didn't even realize it until we looked into each others eyes that day.

by Carrie Kinyon 2000

Update:  I wrote this story about how I met my husband online just after we met and got married January 3, 2000.  We have  celebrated our sixth anniversary and are just as excited about each other as we were the day we met.   I still remember sitting there in Wendy's, waiting for him.  My heart still flutters when I think of the first moment I saw him through the window.  We share love for God and each other.  Keeping God first in our lives, and always the head of our home will keep our love strong and wonderful and exciting.

Update: Married now for over 8 years.  Still as much in love as ever, and more!

17 years!

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